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“Education, training and innovation in green technologies and digitization are the key to successfully mastering the challenges of the future. Only with skilled people, new solutions and ways can be created to slow down climate change and to raise living standards in emerging countries.”

„Prof. Bertram Lohmueller PhD, Managing Director & Partner Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg“


Transfer University

PAN African Technology Transfer University

Setting up a PAN African Technology Transfer University to develop talents and resources as well as to build up a sustainable Green Technology industry in Africa.

The Transfer University is supported by the United Nations Global Innovation Hub (UGIH), which is part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Education, training and skill development programmes are conducted. For this, bachelor and master programs and short-term certified trainings are offered. In addition, training courses for professionals are offered together with German partners such as TÜV and German training centers.

The PAN African Transfer University will enable the job integrated education system in Africa. Future experts for the entire value chain for green hydrogen and green technologies will get their degrees there. Key benefits of this new transfer university are:


  • Experts in green technologies is a key for Africans sustainable industrialization
  • German technology leaders strongly support these efforts to build up their management and work force in the region
  • Supporting the technical and entrepreneurial development of the region by setting up competence clusters and incubators for start-ups
  • Support by local industry partners


The PAN African Technology Transfer University is based on the Steinbeis Competence Study Approach

Steinbeis Network support companies and students in

  • global business development
  • technology transfer and especially
  • their international business activities.

A degree program is always pivoted around a unique project at the interface of technology and management that is developed by each student. Steinbeis concept is a customized, adaptable and flexible, considering the requirements and conditions of each particular business situation (students’ professional background, organizational peculiarities of the sponsoring company, training objectives, etc.).

  • The ‘project-competence’ degree program is a job-integrated study program with online and presence courses, colloquiums, self-study activities, project papers and bachelor/master thesis.
  • The study program is based on a real-life project that a student receives from a supervising company.
  • A study project can be set up at any organization – even in a start-up. The project is then developed by a student during the whole study period.
  • The courses are used to deliver theoretical knowledge and help students develop their competences in the use of methods important to accomplish the project in question.
  • Students are supported and supervised by internationally active professors and experts.
  • In this way, both the company and the student receive benefits in the form of qualified support and consulting during the entire period of study and writing/defending the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis.

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