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why greenhydrogen?

The term refers to environmentally friendly fuels that could replace fossil sources of electricity in the future.

“Green” hydrogen is an environmentally friendly source of energy. When it burns, it produces steam, not carbon dioxide as with other fuels.

Compared to conventional natural gas, hydrogen has a high energy content and is therefore more economical to use.

In 2020, the European Union signed the European Green Deal. This strategy should lead Europe towards climate neutrality by 2050.

Hydrogen production and the active use of green fuels in all human activities play an important role in this strategy.


Cutting-edge technology – largest capacity and availability globally – best in class feasibility – highest quality certified and guaranteed by Munich Re

We are building the largest production facilities to produce up to 30 GW Electrolysis capacity per year. And we are the first and only one localizing in Africa.

We will offer both PEM and Alkali Technology.

We will deliver below 1000 USD per kW Electrolysis.

We are committed to enhance the sustainable industrialization on the continent, and to make Africa the most competitive player in the rising Green Hydrogen Market with high end equipment “Made in Africa”. 


Solar electricity generation is one of very few low-carbon energy technologies with the potential to grow to very large scale. As a consequence, massive expansion of global solar generating capacity to multi-terawatt scale is very likely an essential component of a workable strategy to mitigate climate change risk.


DSE is committed to support the global transition towards decarbonization and to supply best of its class solar modules for sustainable industrialization and energy security.


DSE will cover the entire value chain, utilize leading edge technologies and will be leading in product efficiency. 


Thermal Solar

The sun is a powerful renewable energy source supplying the Earth with incredible amounts of energy every day. As an experienced developer and supplier of solar thermal solutions, DSE-Solarlite harnesses this great amount of energy in the most efficient way for hot water and steam production as well as for combined heat and power generation.

Our single objective is to develop and deliver value-adding solutions that excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future – and to do that at the lowest possible cost.

With world-class thermal engineering expertise, we aim to unlock the enormous green energy potential of the continent.

Environmentally friendly direct steam generation

DSE & Solarlite is the only consortium worldwide to have designed and constructed commercial solar thermal parabolic trough power plants based on direct generation of water/steam. The company has successfully tested the technology in three pilot and test plants in Germany and Thailand. The first commercial plant is built north of Bangkok. Direct steam generation has the following advantages:

  • Direct steam generation is climate and environmentally friendly and eliminates hazardous and flammable substances.
  • Direct steam generation brings a reduction in total investment costs by eliminating components.

Direct steam generation makes operating temperatures of >500 °C possible.

We've got you covered.

On-site support and implementation


The conception of a go-to-market strategy comprises the following building blocks:

- Assessment of the competitive environment, including the assessment of the market situation;
- Market analysis: evaluation of supply and demand for your products and services in the target market;
- Preliminary evaluation of market potential in the selected business areas;
- Competitive analysis;
- Customer analysis;
- Analysis of the market volume;
- Information on current wage and labor costs;
- Country-specific characteristics including cultural aspects;
- Fixing of the marketing mix;
- Competence system for the international business and implementing of qualification programs;
- Identification of potential partners in the country, including the characteristics of the companies, the duration of their activity on the market, the contact details of the companies and their managers, the companies’ website.

Partner Research

The identification of a suitable local business partner includes the following activities:

- Market research in the target region and identification of potential partner companies;
- Preparation of a list of potentially interested partner companies (identification of 5-10 companies);
- Initial contact with a potential partner and sending of information material provided by the client;;
- Review of the economic performance of the potential partner companies;
- Submitting a report to the client in electronic form via e-mail with contact information on potential partners.

Business Missions

The preparation, implementation and follow-up of a business initiation trip require professional guidance:

- Formulation of the objectives of the planned business trip;
- Preparation within the framework of online coaching and online training with information on German management practice;
- The conception of a company-specific program in Germany;
- Organization of business meetings, measurement visits, and management training;
- Transfers according to the training program with group support;
- Accommodation in 1-2 bedded rooms in a 3-5 star hotel; meals (breakfast, coffee break, lunch);
- Cultural programme (on request);
- Support through the letter of invitation to obtain a visa;
- Internationally recognized certificate from Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg.

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