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About us

At the end of 2019, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Industrialisierung (DGNI), Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen (SGIT) and Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg (EABW) started developing a comprehensive localization concept for the entire value chain for green hydrogen production in Africa.

It was the first initiative worldwide to establish leading-edge and sustainable technologies and value creation on the African continent in order to exploit the enormous energy resources in the SADC region.

Today, 22 cutting-edge European technology companies have joined forces to form a consortium for implementing the Green Hydrogen Africa Initiative. The goal is to create the world’s leading provider of energy, water treatment, electrolysis and direct air capture solutions.

The name of the consortium is DSE.



  1. Electrolysis
  2. Photovoltaic
  3. Thermal Solar
  4. Direct Air Capture
  • DSE drives a holistic master program to increase sustainability of industrial production, support economies to meet their climate goals and to raise social and economic standards worldwide
  • DSE brings together research, technology, investors, governmental authorities and significant, scalable industrial production capabilities to make a true change towards green economies happen fast
  • DSE thinks and acts end–to-end with sustainable bottom-line effects on the ecological, social and economic side without greenwashing and with broad participation of all stakeholders along the relevant ESG criteria
  • DSE identifies, conceptualizes and kicks-off individual project initiatives of manageable size and of sufficient maturity which are aligned with the master program but are being rolled out individually

“Innovation in green technologies and digitisation are the key to successfully mastering the challenges of the future. With new green and digital technologies and a new management approach with our GreenIMLead® concept, new solutions and ways can be created to slow down climate change and to raise living standards in emerging countries.”

Prof. Bertram Lohmueller PhD, Managing Director & Partner Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

Our team

Prof. Dr. Bertram Lohmüller

Member of the Executive Committee, DSE Technologies

Eduard Meister

Member of the Executive Committee, DSE Technologies

Thomas Wu

Member of the Executive Committee, DSE Technologies

Our team

Managing Director // Partner

Bertram Lohmüller

  • Successful projects in the fields of green technology transfer and management & business development
  • Change Management and Cultural Change according to the Heptathlon Management Concept IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership in International Companies and Organisations
  • Development of web-based trainings and general business simulations for top management trainings
  • Feasibility studies for green technology applications and technology transfer
  • Successful implementation of green technology competence centres in emerging economies (India, Russia, Argentina, Kenya, Kazakhstan, South Africa).