Green Technologies for the World of Tomorrow

About us

About us

DSE identified four technological pillars for the supply of green end-to-end energy

    1. Electrolysis
    2. Photovoltaic
    3. Thermal Solar
    4. Direct Air Capture

We are DSE – the world’s leading sustainable technology group.

    • DSE uses the power of innovation to enhance the global transition – the CO2 free future starts with DSE.

    • DSE owns and builds leading-edge breakthrough technologies which changes the economics of sustainable production solutions. Nobody in the field of sustainable technologies has more experiences and access to skills and know-how than DSE.

    • We make Green H2 feasible for the world and have the industrial scale to execute giga-size solutions.

    • Climate change, at risk food security, permanent water shortage, regular power outages, global migration and the increasing disparity between the Northern and Southern globe are the imminent threats of today – DSE is driven by facing these challenges.

    • DSE works with its customers, partners and regional stakeholders to create sustainable, feasible and fair solution for all – the DSE responsible business approach.

    • DSE stands for Global Impact. This is reflected by our targets by 2030 to eliminate 250m tons of GHGs emissions,  creating additional 25,000 direct and 100,000 indirect jobs, educating and training 3000 engineers and 35,000 skilled workers,  utilizing DSE’s green technologies.

    • DSE is setting up the Pan African Technology Transfer University in co-operation with Steinbeis University and Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg. With applied science as well as job integrated trainings and educational programs the green innovations of DSE are developed and implemented.

    • DSE stands for integrity, dependability, respect, and equality – DSE cares about its people and customers, the future generations, its environment and its partners. DSE has a great experienced global team and is investing in its talents. DSE stands for global teamwork, passion to achieve game-changing results, and open minds. DSE lives multinational integration, equal partnerships, cross border technology transfer and fair business practices every day.

    • With 44 product solutions DSE is the only global player who covers the entire Green H2 value chain – from the silica mine to the H2 Le Mains Hypercar.

    • DSE is the global partner who provides sustainable solutions for green energy, green base materials, organic food and green mobility.

“Innovation in green technologies and digitisation are the key to successfully mastering the challenges of the future. With new green and digital technologies and a new management approach with our GreenIMLead® concept, new solutions and ways can be created to slow down climate change and to raise living standards in emerging countries.”

Bertram Lohmueller PhD, Managing Director & Partner Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

Our team

Bertram Lohmüller, PhD

Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board

Chief Technology Officer


Eduard Meister

Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board

Chief Operations Officer 

Thomas Wu

Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board

Chief Strategy Officer


Joachim Winterstein

Member of the Executive Board

Chief Commercial Officer

Managing Director // Partner

Bertram Lohmüller

  • Successful projects in the fields of green technology transfer and management & business development
  • Change Management and Cultural Change according to the Heptathlon Management Concept IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership in International Companies and Organisations
  • Development of web-based trainings and general business simulations for top management trainings
  • Feasibility studies for green technology applications and technology transfer
  • Successful implementation of green technology competence centres in emerging economies (India, Russia, Argentina, Kenya, Kazakhstan, South Africa).